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Garage Door Repair and Servicing

Your garage door is frequently used as the main entrance to the home. In just one month’s time, the door will be used hundreds of times. Your garage door has so many parts that are under high tension proper maintenance is important for safety.

Lack of maintenance or maintenance to your residential garage door that is not performaed correctly, as well as neglect, and poor installation can lead to a dangerous situation that can cause serious injuries and expensive damage.


Therefore, most manufactures do recommend a YEARLY TUNE-UP AND FULL INSPECTION, this should be done by a professional garage door company such as Doormaster.

Our Tune Up and Maintenance Services INCLUDES:

Tighten all loose hinges and other hardware
Replace all screws that may be stripped out
Adjust the Spring Tension to assure ballance
Adjust overhead and side Tracks
Inspection for wear of all parts on your door (s)
Adjust limits on the garage door opener
Perform a Safety Test on the Opener
Lubrication of your Garage Door and Electric Garage Door Opener

A properly operation garage door and electric opener gives you added security. Call today to schedule your TUNE-UP and SAFETY INSPECTION! We offer services that “You won’t regret”!

Our residential services include:

Broken Spring
New Garage Door
New Garage Door Opener
Door Off Track
Circuit Board
Cables Broken or Off
Drums Hinges
Bent Tracks
Garage Door Opener Inspection and Repair
Safety Sensors
Damaged Sections Replaced
Wall Button
Keyless Entry
Limit Switches

Our technicians are highly trained with a minimum of 5 years experince time is valuable so our technicians’ truck are fully stockedm enabling them complete almost any repair on the spot.

Whatever Overhead Door needs you are faced with, WE CAN FIX IT OR REPLACE IT!

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